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DECK-O-SEAL Expansion Joint Repair Products

Deck-O-Seal is a Two-Part Elastomeric Polysulfide-Base Joint Sealant.

Deck-O-Seal is a Premium Grade, Pourable, Self-Leveling Expansion Joint Sealant that can be installed between the coping stones and concrete, as well as concrete walkways such as the pool decking. 
Deck-O-Seal cures at ambient air temperature to a firm, flexible, tear-resistant rubber. Highly resilient and has excellent recovery characteristics after extended periods of compression or elongation. 

If you need to control the depth of the joint, use Backer Rod to prevent the sealant from running through the bottom of the joint.  This supporting base is pictured at the Above Left.  Our backer rod is now gray in color.

      "How Much Needed?" >> See  Coverage Estimating Chart
Deck O Seal is used for caulking and sealing all joints subject to concrete movement to provide a firm, flexible, weather tight seal. It is excellent for general purpose caulking of joints and seams, weatherproofing, and exterior expansion joint sealing.


For-on-the-job use, DECK-O-SEAL is supplied in a patented, pre-measured, two-component, convenient unitized package kit consisting of the base compound and setting agent. The packaged kit eliminates mishandling and mismatching of components.

Pourable, Easy to Use, Packaged in Convenient Kits.
Stays Flexible.  Resists abrasion, weathering and moisture.

Highly resilient with excellent recovery characteristics.
Provides permanent and uniform watertight seal.  No messy primers.
           (Primer is only used on joints over 1" wide or on underwater applications).
Not affected by pool chemicals

Part # Description Price Order

Deck-O-Seal Kit, 96-oz unit, White, Pour Grade


Deck-O-Seal Kit, 96-oz unit, Tan, Pour Grade


Deck-O-Seal Kit, 96-oz unit, Grey, Pour Grade


Deck-O-Seal Kit, 24-oz unit, White, Pour Grade


Deck-O-Seal Kit, 24-oz unit, Tan, Pour Grade


Deck-O-Seal Kit, 24-oz unit, Grey, Pour Grade


Each Kit = Application Bottle, Stir Stick, Setting Agent, & Base.  Packaged in a Pre-Measured, two-component unitized, easy-to-handle package contains proper ratio of base to setting agent.


Backer Rod Support Media for Deck O Seal

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