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BenefitsofOzone UV Ozone MiniSeries WallMounted WhyOzoneisBetter

Ozone Generator Systems

Ozone is The Most Effective Disinfecting Methods for maintaining superior water quality.   First Consider the Health Risk Factors associated with swimming pool water.  

Then take a good look at  the Benefits of Ozone for swimming pool water. 

Ozone oxidation reactions take place several thousand times faster than those of chlorine for destruction of bacteria, viruses, yeast, molds, cysts, mildew, and most other organic and inorganic contaminants. Ozone in appropriate doses can treat all water-borne pathogens, while chlorine cannot (given practical, safe doses.)

The Advancement of Ozone-Based Technology to a Safe, Environmentally-friendly, state of the art approach to water treatment has made the transition away from chlori
ne a comfortable one.  Ozone vs. Chlorine

UV Ozone Generators

        - Typical Applications:

        Residential Spas Commercial Spas Residential Pools Ponds
                Aquariums Residential Well Water Odor Control

Mini-Series Corona Discharge (CD) Ozone Generators

        - Typical Applications:

        Residential Pools Commercial Spas Waste Water
                Residential Well Water Bottled Water

Apex Series Wall Mounted Corona Discharge (CD) Ozone Generators

        - Typical Applications:

        Residential Pools Commercial Pools Commercial Spas
          Residential Well Water Bottled Water Waste Water

Automatic Chemical Controllers used w/ Ozone Systems

Chemical Feeders

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