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Safety and First Aid Equipment
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911Phone         Emergency Phone, 911 Direct Phone

Part # Description



First Aid Equip

FA-Kit-50 First Aid Kit, 50-Unit    
FA-CPR-Msk CPR Face Mask with 1-Way Valve, w/ case    
FA-Blanket First Aid Blanket, Disposable, 54" x 80"    
FA-LifeHook Sheppards Crook, Life Hook    
FA-Back-Abs Back Board w/ Runners, ABS    
FA-Back-Wd Back Board w/ Runners, Wooden    
FA-Back-Strp Strap Kit, Set of 3 Straps, for Back Board    
FA-Head-Imm Head Immobilizer, Red    

Rescue Equipment

FA-LifeRing19 USCG Approved Life Ring, White, 19" Dia    
FA-LifeRing24 USCG Approved Life Ring, White, 24" Dia    
FA-Holder Life Ring Holder, Chrome-Plated Brass    
FA-Resc-Can Rescue Can    
FA-Resc-Tu40 Rescue Tube, 40" with Clips    
FA-Resc-Tu50 Rescue Tube, 50" No Clips    
FA-Throw60 Throw Rope with Lemon, For Life Rings    
Safety Rope      
Rope050/FT Safety Rope, ", Blue/White, per ft.    
Rope075/FT Safety Rope, 3/4", Blue/White, per ft.    
Safety Floats      
Float3x5 Float for Safety Line, 3" x 5", for 1/2" Line    
Float5x9 Float for Safety Line, 5" x 9", for 3/4" Line    
Rope Hooks      
RopeHook50 Safety Rope Hook, 1/2", Chrome-Plated    
RopeHook75 Safety Rope Hook, 3/4", Chrome-Plated    
Wall Anchors      
Anch1040 Anchor, Wall, for Safety Line    
CS-0225 Chemical Safety Apron  
CS-0224 Chemical Safety Gloves  
CS-0226 Chemical Safety Goggles  
CS-0486 Gas Mask  
CS-1398 Half-Mask Respirator  
CS-1314 Wrench for Gas Cylinder, Half-Twist  
CS-1397 Lead Washers for Gas Cylinder  
CS-0228 Drum Spigot, Corrosive Proof  
CS-0315 Emergency Eyewash Station, Wall, Single Unit  
CS-1252 Snack Bar Burn Kit  
CS-0310 Sign, "Caution" "Pool Chemical Storage"  


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Depth Markers

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