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True Union Safety Block Ball Valves, EPDM
(Available in Socket or Threaded)

Part # Description Each Order
Valve-TUBV050 1/2" True Union Ball Valve 19.95
Valve-TUBV075 3/4" True Union Ball Valve 21.00
Valve-TUBV100 1" True Union Ball Valve 28.95
Valve-TUBV150 1.5" True Union Ball Valve 41.95
Valve-TUBV200 2" True Union Ball Valve 68.90
Valve-TUBV250 2.5" True Union Ball Valve 109.00
Valve-TUBV300 3" True Union Ball Valve 169.90
Valve-TUBV400 4" True Union Ball Valve 289.90




Thermoplastic Ball Valves 1/2" - 4" are designed to safely block full system pressure in either direction to allow on-line system maintenance. Valve stem is of the blow-out proof design. Valve has full port for lowest possible pressure loss. Seats shall be easily adjustable and replaceable. Stem has an internal pressure sealed land to protect stem and stem seal from contaminants. Every valve is fully pressure and cycle tested before leaving the factory. Materials of construction shall be: (select as required for service)


bullet Safely blocks in both upstream and downstream direction for simple easy, safe system maintenance.
bullet Double union design permits quick, easy piping system installation, removal, maintenance.
bullet Stem has internal land above ball that is pressure seated to the body protecting the stem and the stem seal from contaminants in the fluid media.
bullet Long life self lubricated TFE seats are externally adjustable, fully replaceable.
bullet True full port design has immeasurable pressure drop.
bullet Valve body can be rotated 360° for actuation clearance in system.
bullet Handle indicates valve open/close position.
bullet Safety design blow-out proof stem.
bullet Available in socket, threaded, or flanged (ANSI B16.5 class 150) end configurations.
bullet PVC safety block ball valves ( 1/2" thru 2" sizes) are provided with socket and threaded end connectors without additional cost inventory requirements.
bullet All valves are hydrostatically tested.
bullet Pneumatic (air to air, air to spring) and electric actuation available.
bullet Available locking handles, stem extensions, 2" square nut operation

Materials Of Construction

Item Parts Pcs Materials
4 Seat Carrier 1 PVC,PP,CPVC,PVDF
5 Union Nut 2 PVC,PP,CPVC,PVDF
6 Handle 1 ABS
7 End Connector 2 PVC,PP,CPVC,PVDF
8 Seat 2 TEFLONŽ
9 Stem O-Ring 1 EPDM,VITONŽ
10 Seat Carrier O-Ring 1 EPDM,VITONŽ
11 Body O-Ring 1 EPDM,VITONŽ
12 Solid End O-Ring 1 EPDM,VITONŽ
13 Flange 2 PVC,PP,CPVC,PVDF

VITONŽ is a trademark of  Dupont Dow Elastomers
TEFLONŽ is a trademark of E.I. Dupont

Body/Ball/Stem End Nuts & Connectors PVC, CPVC, ASTM D-1784
PP, ASTM D-4101
Seat PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), Teflon (E.I. DuPont)
Seals EPDM, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
Fluorocarbon. Viton (E.I.DuPont)
Fluorel (3M Corp.)
Manual Lever ABS, ASTM D-1788
End connectors shall conform to the following standards:  
Socket ASTM - D-2467 (PVC, SCH-80)
ASTM - F-439 (CPVC, SCH-80)
Threaded ASTM - D-2464 (PVC, SCH-80)
ASTM - F-437 (CPVC, SCH-80)

ANSI - B16.5 Class 150

Both socket and threaded end connectors shall be supplied on all 1/2" - 2" PVC and CPVC valves. On 2-1/2" - 4" socket end connectors will be supplied unless otherwise specified.

Not recommended for compressed air or gas service.

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